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Considering Options in the Engineering Industry

November 12, 2018

• Aerospace Engineering Designing, production and testing of airborne vehicles and machines is the foundation of aerospace engineering. As an engineer in this specialty, you may have to design parts for satellites, missiles, rockets and airplanes and then test the air vehicles under several conditions. • Architectural Engineering The job of an architectural engineer is […]

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Engineering Career Options

October 12, 2018

An Engineer is the most intelligent form of human. It is not just a statement. It explains a detailed story. A doctor risks a life at a time. A lawyer risks a case at one attempt. A Chef risks a meal at once. But being an engineer, one bears a great responsibility, as a collapsed […]

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Search Engine Marketing 101 For Corporate Sites

September 12, 2018

When most people want to find something on the web, they use a search engine. Millions of searches are conducted every day on search engines such as:,, and many others. Some people are looking for your website. So how do you capture people searching for what your site has to offer? Through […]

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