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Get Training in Customer Acquisition With a Professional Course

Every process of marketing and sales is directed towards attracting customers. All the sales, promotional and marketing activities aim at drawing customers and persuading them to buy the products and services. The customer is central to all the marketing activities and thus as a marketing professional you need to thoroughly train yourself in Customer Acquisition with a professional program. Business schools impart such courses and you can gain knowledge and training in this important business function.

Customer Acquisition is a step by step process and a strategic method in which efforts are made to maximize the customer base. Convincing the customer and seeking his approval for buying the product/service is a process that needs careful execution. A professional course in the same is exhaustive and includes a thorough knowledge and training in Sales Preparation. It provides complete knowledge in various modules such as Market Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Organizational, product details and various prospecting/selling skills.

These modules are described below:

Sales Preparation:

Market Analysis: Market Analysis is extremely important before joining the bandwagon. An understanding of the existing market is necessary so that effective marketing strategy can be implemented. You’ll get an understanding of the key players in the market and the changing demand pattern. In this module, you’ll be provided knowledge and understanding in the market size. You’ll get to know about the nature of the market whether it is an organized/unorganized or fragmented/monopolist market so that you can prepare the sales strategy accordingly.

Competitor Analysis: You’ll be provided knowledge in identification of the major competitors and get an understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, ownership, market share, geographical size etc. so that you are able to position your product in a better way.

Organizational & Product Sales: In this module you’ll get an understanding of the ownership, work culture, market reputation of your organization and recognizing their market share etc.

Prospecting: This module will teach you the procedure to collect data about prospective customers and convert them into leads.

Selling Skills: In this module, you’ll be equipped with numerous selling skills. You’ll get an understanding of the process of Opening the sales call and further relationship building with the customer. You’ll get to know about the process of probing where you’ll get familiar with the customer’s buying motives. You’ll be trained in FAB-Features, Advantages & Benefits where you’ll link the features of the proposed product to the customer needs and make him aware of its advantages and benefits. Objection handling is another area where you’ll be provided training and you’ll be equipped to present a solution to the customer’s problem. You’ll also learn about closing the Sales process and gaining commitment from the buyer. You are encouraged to ask for good references from the buyer which instigates further the process of sales. Lastly, you’ll be provided knowledge in servicing and meeting the expectation of the customers on terms of delivery and commissioning.

Customer Acquisition is an important function in marketing and sales process. To get the desired sales, you can upgrade your skills in this function by pursuing a specialized program in Customer Acquisition.

WLCI, a premier business school in the country offers a specialized programme in Customer Acquisition.

For more information on the college and the program, feel free to visit WLCI School Of Business. You can also give a call @ 1800 102 4456 for more details on the program.

WLCI School of business is one of the largest professional institutions in the country to offer a comprehensive business management course. It is a premier B-school which offers traineeship program to its students along with the management course and offers industry -oriented course taught by senior and experienced faculty.

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