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SAS, Analytics and Advanced Excel Programming is the Next Big Thing in Professional Courses

SAS, Analytics and Advanced Excel Programming is important today as the Indian industry is heavily depending on the KPO boom that is likely to hit in the middle of 2010. India would in all probability capture seventy percent of the total KPO requirement. This is why people have started taking professional courses in statistical tools and statistical modelling.

The most commonly used statistical tool is the SAS, which is being used by almost all the major organizations in India. Analytics, that is, statistical modelling too has become quite popular amongst people who have realized the potential of the KPO industry.

Though in cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad the awareness is much greater, Kolkata is not too far behind, with the largest population of Economics students and Statistics students, it is but obvious that Kolkata would welcome the KPO sector with open arms.

Analytics can be used in every domain and can be mustered by people belonging to any domain and hence it can be applied anywhere and by anybody. We can apply it in the marketing division, in the finance division, in the human resource division, in the sales division, so on and so forth. Hence a person who aspires to become a business analyst can enter an organization in any domain.

The pay structure for the business analysts is also quite high in India today. This is because as of now there is a scarcity of quality business analysts across the country. It can be attributed to the fact that analytics have not entered as a mainstream subject in any of the colleges or universities till date. Now, however, some good training institutes have come up across India.

There are training institutes in Kolkata especially in Salt Lake, near Tank Number 4 that are dedicated to SAS, Analytics and advanced Excel programming alone. These institutes provide top of the line training with adequate study material, case studies and real life examples.

For more information regarding KPO, or SAS, and Analytics one can easily browse the internet as it is all there.

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